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A pretty pink, healthy, refreshing and totally caffeine tea made from Hibiscus blossoms. These blossoms brew into a bright pink coloured cup with a tart, cranberry like flavour packed with minerals and vitamin C in abundance. BREWING INSTRUCTIONS Steep 1...
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A superior long cut rooibos, known for its distinct copper – red hue. A traditional South African favourite deliciously sweet and malty herbal infusion, naturally caffeine free. A sweet, malty flavour BREWING INSTRUCTIONS Steep 1 tsp of loose leaf tea...
A timeless high quality Kenyan chamomile tea, brimming with antioxidants, makes for a comfortingly, sweet and fragrantly floral brew. An excellent choice for relaxation and calming effects, the perfect night cap! Totally caffeine free! Light, sweet with a soothing aroma...
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