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Purple Exotic-100g
Bring out your best tea hardware and call your friends over for Stir Me’s Purple Exotic. Innovative blend made with the unique purple tea exclusive to Kenya and a symphony of ingredients such as lemongrass, star anise, tangy hibiscus infused...
Loose leaf Silver Needle Tea-50g
Stir Me’s Silver Needle white tea is an elegant, luxurious tea with complex flavours. With minimal processing the young buds are handpicked from the tea gardens of Mt. Kenya with great care, slightly wilted to lose its grassy taste and...
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Green Tea 50 Teabags-100g
Grown in the southern foothills of Mt. Kenya, indulge yourself in the smooth and delicate taste of this green tea often known as the champagne of teas. With its kiss of caffeine, burst of antioxidants and bountiful health benefits, it...
Luxury Tea Collection-160g
A selection of Stir Me specialty loose leaf tea range which includes four types of teas, Green Tea, Flowery orange pekoe tea, Oolong tea and Purple tea packaged in a exquisite gift box with individual pull-out drawers. The perfect gift...
Turmeric Chai-100g
When relaxation and well-being are your priority, turn to Stir Me’s Turmeric Chai. We have created a healthy blend of turmeric and other authentic Indian spices to elevate this high-grown black tea from the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya. The...
Loose Leaf Green Tea-100g
Stir Me’s Green tea, often known as the champagne of teas. With its kiss of caffeine, bountiful health benefits and antioxidants, this tea is grown on the mineral rich soils of Mt. Kenya. The high-altitude gives this tea a milder,...
Magical Blue-50g
If you’re an adventurous tea connoisseur this is the perfect choice of tea for you! Made from an exquisite blend of Silver needle white tea infused with sweet butterfly pea flowers bursting with exotic flavours of coconut, lemongrass and passion...
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A superior long cut rooibos, known for its distinct copper – red hue. A traditional South African favourite deliciously sweet and malty herbal infusion, naturally caffeine free. A sweet, malty flavour BREWING INSTRUCTIONS Steep 1 tsp of loose leaf tea...
Loose Leaf Oolong Tea-100g
Stir Me’s Oolong tea is sourced from the Southern foothills of Mt. Kenya which makes it a rare surprise. The distinctive flavour of Oolong tea is created by the partial oxidization resulting in a tea finished as an in-between of...
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