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Steel tea infuser stick
An easy slide opening infuser stick. Simply push open, scoop your loose leaf tea and drop into your cup as per the tea instructions. Easy to use, no mess and easy to clean.
Luxury Tea Collection-160g
A selection of Stir Me specialty loose leaf tea range which includes four types of teas, Green Tea, Flowery orange pekoe tea, Oolong tea and Purple tea packaged in a exquisite gift box with individual pull-out drawers. The perfect gift...
Glass Tea Infuser
Giving you complete control over brewing time and strength, this spring-loaded infuser is perfect for fresh, loose-leaf, or herbal tea. This infuser uses a spring-loaded mechanism to allow you to simply scoop up the desired amount of tea; on release,...
Stripy cup and saucer gift set – Bombay duck
Say hello to our chic stripy teacups and saucers sent in a signature gift box which are guaranteed to make a style statement! The perfect way to serve and enjoy your choice of Stir Me’s teas. Jade china Cup height...
Stir me Tea Timer
A stunning Stir Me Tea timer by Paradox, time to make the perfect tea use this guide to ensure your tea is not over brewed! The tea timer turns the tea preparation time into an individual moment thanks to the...
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