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Magical Blue-50g
If you’re an adventurous tea connoisseur this is the perfect choice of tea for you! Made from an exquisite blend of Silver needle white tea infused with sweet butterfly pea flowers bursting with exotic flavours of coconut, lemongrass and passion...
Loose leaf Silver Needle Tea-50g
Stir Me’s Silver Needle white tea is an elegant, luxurious tea with complex flavours. With minimal processing the young buds are handpicked from the tea gardens of Mt. Kenya with great care, slightly wilted to lose its grassy taste and...
Loose Leaf Golden Tips Tea-50g
Stir Me’s Golden Tips White Tea is a rare jewel! An exquisite tea with a sophisticated flavour profile. This tea is made with one leaf and a bud which is handpicked, hand rolled and naturally sun dried. The tea leaves...
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