We go above and beyond to carefully source the finest tea leaves from the Northern and Southern

Stir Me tea is an affordable luxury Kenyan tea brand specializing in a range of premium loose leaf teas and exquisite tea blends all created in-house. Founded by Sheena Patel in 2017, the brand aesthetics revolves around creative art and design, inspired by Kenya and its awe-inspiring nature.
With exceptional quality standards and innovation, we welcome moments of luxury and elegance into every home and hospitality space.

Our Teas

We go above and beyond to carefully source the finest tea leaves from the Northern and Southern foothills of Mt. Kenya where the pristine climate and rich soils produce exemplary quality of specialty and CTC teas. We ensure the consistency in the quality of tea is maintained throughout and stored at our atelier in the coolest temperatures preserving freshness for a delicious cup of tea. We handcraft all our tea blends in-house using only the finest teas, natural ingredients and innovative recipes ensuring the flavors evoke delights of superior taste.

About Sheena

Sheena Patel, the founder - a graphic designer by profession who combined her love for tea with her design experience on a journey that would change the look, feel and experience of Kenyan tea. The foundation and inspiration behind this beautiful brand come from her family, her retreat home, various global cultures and fragments of pain and personal loss along her journey. She strongly believes that the hospitable nature of being Kenyan integrated with the love for her Indian roots makes Stir Me an inexplicable luxury.

About Reena 

Reena Patel, the global marketing head – a fashion designer by profession based in the UK. As a fellow passionate tea lover and a true fan of Kenyan tea, she joined Sheena on the journey to help make the brand gain global exposure by handling the UK, EU and UAE markets. With her creative background, she curates exquisite gift hampers in the UK mostly tea centered. She enjoys the British tea culture, afternoon tea experiences and exploring unique products which gives her hamper collections a unique sense of pride along with admiration for her Indian roots.

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